Sexy Lingerie

Every woman should own - and wear - sexy lingerie. Whether you choose to share or show your lingerie to someone else, it’s first and foremost for and about you. Wearing beautiful women’s lingerie makes you feel more feminine and more confident, no matter your age or shape.

Our collection of sexy lingerie is made up of bras and panties in gorgeous colors with exquisite detailing in ribbons, lace and bows. Lacy edging smoothes the transition from support to skin, eliminating lines and providing a better look for your clothing. And when you know you have a pretty secret under your business suit or jeans and tee, you’ll be amazed by how much it improves your day.

Sexy lingerie comes in many shapes, colors, styles and fabrics. Choose the one that makes you feel wonderful about you. If you love a high cut leg or a deeply plunging bra, go for it. But if boy shorts make you feel your best, they are the choice for you. Don’t look just for cheap lingerie - you deserve the value that good women’s designer lingerie provides.

Discover your sexy lingerie at Belk.