Cuisinart logo. Image of a kitchen with white cabinets full of kitchen appliances and prep tools.

Cuisinart Cookware

You plan, prepare and produce nutritious meals for your family. Streamline your efforts and make them both more efficient and more productive with Cuisinart cookware. Whether you’re upgrading your current small appliances, pots, pans, skillets or cutlery, or you’re investing in new capabilities for your kitchen, Cuisinart brings over 40 years of expertise right to your fingertips.

Cuisinart developed and introduced the first food processor and revolutionized home cooking. Chopping, slicing, dicing, mincing, pureeing and more are handled quickly and easily, making classic food prep a breeze. But newer, health-conscious uses like making nut butter or flour are also far easier with Cuisinart’s help. Born with food processors, the brand has grown and added cookware. It is thoughtfully designed to heat evenly and efficiently while providing good balance for your hand and wrist. Our collection of Cuisinart pots and pans includes sets and singles to suit your needs. You’ll find cookware in high polished stainless steel, hard anodized nonstick, ceramic in red and black, and Tri-Ply hammered copper.

Explore the many ways Cuisinart can help you throughout your day, whether with a single silicone spatula or ladle, a tea brewer or coffee maker.

Your family depends on you for nutrition and meals. You can depend on Cuisinart.