A collection of silver jewelry with diamonds. Diamond guide.
Find the perfect cut. This is what makes your diamond shine bright! The better the cut, the more your diamond sparkles. A diagram of a diamond that is labelled.
A diagram of diamonds that displays how tinted the diamond is, starting at colorless and ending at yellow. Choose your color, diamond colors range from pure and colorless to pale yellow. The closer to colorless, the rarer the diamond.
Crystal clear clarity, clarity refers to the internal and external characteristics of a diamond. The higher the clarity, the purer and rarer a diamond is. A diagram of diamonds showing how flawless and included diamonds are.
A diagram of carats weight, range, and diameter. Below the diagram displays the different shapes of carats, from round to pear style. Carats in all shapes and sizes. A diamond's weight is measured in carats. The heavier the carat, the more valuable the diamond.
Lab created diamonds. Lab created diamonds have the same chemical and physical properties as natural diamonds. They're less expensive, environmentally friendly and just as beautiful as the real thing. A diagram of diamond comparison questions with lab grown diamond answers versus mined diamonds answers. Diamond comparison question one, is it a diamond. Lab grown diamond answer, yes. Mined diamond answer, yes. Is it a fake? Lab grown diamond answer, no. Mined diamond answer, no. Is it lab certified? Lab grown diamond, yes. Minded diamond, yes. What is the chemical composition? For both diamonds, carbon. What is the source? For lab grown diamonds, grown in a lab. For mined diamonds, mined from the earth.