Designer Handbags

Your handbag is the hardest working of all your fashion accessories. It’s essential to your day, keeping you organized and looking polished. You may need several handbags for the many different roles you play. Don’t you deserve the quality craftsmanship and extraordinary beauty of a designer handbag? Before discounting it as an extravagance, understand that a quality handbag from designers like Michael Kors, COACH, Brahmin, Dooney & Bourke, Fossil® and Frye means durability and timeless style that will look great at your side for years of daily use – and at a great price!

Designer handbags are made from the finest, most durable materials, with every seam and joint fully reinforced. Though care is advised to maintain their luster, designer purses are showpieces designed for heavy daily use, to be packed, tossed and stashed. Whether you select a large tote as a carryall, or a petite shoulder bag gets you through your day, a designer bag keeps your essentials secure while looking great, year after year.

While there’s no need to match your designer purse with your shoes, it’s a good idea to keep them both formal or casual. A good way to coordinate your look without overly matching is to keep the metals of your ensemble the same – for instance, wearing gold jewelry with shoes and a designer bag with gold hardware.

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