Perfume for Women

With a simple spritz of our perfume for women, you give your confidence a boost, your spirits a lift and you make a lasting impression. That’s the power of quality fragrance. Don’t limit your perfume use to date night. Embrace the romance of a lovely scent for yourself every day. Select a refreshing fragrance for the office, an uplifting scent for alone time and something spicy for more intimate occasions. The Belk collection of top perfumes for women has the perfect selection for you, with gift sets to enjoy your favorite fragrance in several forms.

There is no single best perfume for women. We’re all different, and our needs change throughout the day and week. The top perfumes for women are made with quality ingredients that carry the fragrance of natural florals, fruits, spices, minerals and woods. To find the best perfumes for you, start with your personality. You want your perfume to express who you are. If you wear little to no makeup and enjoy a minimalist style, opt for fresh, clean scents with aquatic notes rather than spicy or musky. If you’re a glam gal, go for something richer and bolder with a lingering allure. If there is a designer you love who really captures your style in clothing, explore their perfume line. They may have exactly the scent you’re looking for.

When shopping for perfume for women, seek out the scents you love. That’s the secret to your best perfume. It’s the one that makes you happy.