Jewelry Boxes

Remember the thrill you experienced when your mom would let you peek into her jewelry box? It was like a treasure chest brimming with magic. She used it to protect her jewelry from moisture and oils, to keep it organized and cared for while preventing her necklaces and earrings from tangling. But to you, it held mystery and wonder. Today, you are shopping for a jewelry box of your own, or perhaps as a gift for someone special. While you consider the many practical features like storage, size, construction and mirrors, also remember that it may star in a cherished future memory.

We offer jewelry boxes in a range of styles to suit your needs, the size of your jewelry collection and your home décor. Will you store your fine jewelry in a leather chest with divisions lined in suede? Or will a standing armoire of wood with a mirror jewelry box better suit your eclectic collection of fine and fashion jewelry? Do you need a ring organizer, or the ability to hang your necklaces? Something with many sections, or perhaps a glass top so you can enjoy the gleam and sparkle even when your jewelry box is closed? A handsome stand-up jewelry box is a piece of furniture that can beautifully incorporate into your room’s décor.

Whether you’re looking for a young girl’s first musical jewelry box or one to hold your own treasures, you’ll find it at Belk.