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There’s no disputing the status of Versace as one of the beauty and fashion industry’s most revered designers. An iconic Italian brand known for bright color palettes, elegant designs and glamorous fragrances, Versace fashion is synonymous with sophistication and elegance. Shop Versace at Belk and find men’s cologne, women’s perfume, fashion watches and more. From classic fashion icons to pop culture staples, Versace accessories are a must-have for any fashion connoisseur.

Explore Versace and discover the ultimate in men’s fragrances and designer perfumes. With an aroma that evokes strength and passion, Versace Eros pays homage to Eros, the mythical Greek god of love. With a timeless blend of mint, apple and lemon over vanilla, cedar and vetiver, the intoxicatingly masculine blend is destined to be a Versace fashion classic. Choose from a range of colognes and men’s grooming essentials like deodorant and aftershave and enjoy the essence of Versace any time.

Shop Versace perfume and find uniquely intense blends designed for women who appreciate designer brands and timeless style. Imagine a fragrance that combines the fire of sunlight and the sparkle of diamonds in a harmonious blend of citron, pears, orange blossoms, bergamot and other unmistakably feminine scents. Yellow Diamond makes that a reality with a luxury fragrance that is the epitome of Versace glamour and grace. Choose from eau de parfum bottles, convenient roller balls and travel sprays in Yellow Diamond, Dylan Blue and more when you shop Versace.