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Polo Ralph Lauren Men

You will love your look of casual elegance and comfortable confidence with Polo Ralph Lauren for men. This all-American style is easy to wear and highly versatile, taking your from the office to the weekend and back again. To truly own this style and make it your own, be sure to include the basics, like a sharp polo shirt in white and a few additional colors. Do not skip out on the pastels. They set the perfect start of a casual look. You’ll need a few Oxford shirts as well. Solids are good, but be sure to pick up a few stripes as well. A couple of wide striped classic fit cotton tees will always be a great choice.

For pants, you can’t go wrong with classic jeans or chinos. A sporty pair of joggers and a Polo Ralph Lauren sweatshirt and you have your very own Polo Ralph Lauren jogging suit. You never know who you’ll meet when you’re on your run.

For simple, casual elegance, you will need soft sweaters. The crew neck is the iconic choice and more casual. The V-neck is more universally flattering yet a bit more formal. For the V-neck appeal, but more casual look, select a sweater with a half-zip neck. For quality that lasts, and a timeless preppy look, choose Polo Ralph Lauren for men from Belk for your wardrobe.