Effy® Bracelets

Shop our timeless collection of Effy® jewelry bracelets and find a range of styles that are ideal for stacking or wearing solo. Whether you’re looking for versatile pieces for everyday wear, or seeking something special to match with a gown for a formal occasion, we’ve got you covered.

Mix and match with 18K yellow gold or sterling silver bangles or create your own stackable set featuring all around color by wearing multiple gemstone tennis bracelets. Show your American pride in style by combining ruby, sapphire and diamond designs. Make a statement with a light green amethyst stone set in a braided silver band. Effy® diamond bracelets will never go out of style and pair perfectly with our selection of Effy diamond necklaces, earrings and more. A triple-tiered tanzanite bracelet will look elegant with a royal purple or lilac colored cocktail dress for an upscale party or banquet.

Treat yourself to a set of Effy® jewelry and get a gift for your special someone, too, because we carry a full range of Effy® designs for guys and ladies. Men’s braided leather Effy® bracelets feature accents including sterling silver and tiger’s eye, and pair with men’s black diamond or onyx stone rings. Black rhodium skull designs add a masculine accent to any outfit. Adjustable cord bracelets are a stylish choice for both men and women.