Men’s Sandals

When you’re looking for a new pair of men’s sandals, you have a lot of options and some choices to make. Open or closed-toe? Leather or rubber? Everyday use, deck sandals or flip-flops? At Belk, we know you sometimes need help figuring out the best look for you. That’s why we carry a wide selection, from men’s leather sandals to wear with jeans and other casual wear, to men’s slide sandals to wear with shorts and other summer wear.

Why not treat yourself new boots and sneakers and give your footwear an update with a pair of sandals that matches your style? Since it may have been a while since you shopped for sandals or shoes, you may be surprised to find that today’s designs offer more comfort and support than ever before. You’ll find sturdy materials like leather, rubber and mesh and a wide selection of styles.

When it’s time for a new pair of men’s sandals or other type of men’s shoes, you’ll find the best selection from the brands you trust. So give your feet a break and your look a boost by picking out a pair that reflects your personality and sense of fashion.