Furnish your kitchen with versatile flatware and cookware from Oneida. We make it easy to stock up on products from your favorite brands at Belk. Elegant Oneida silverware will make your holiday table sparkle. Stock up with 45-piece sets including forks, knives and spoons, and invite the whole family over to enjoy the festivities. Your guests will feel like royalty when they’re seated in front of utensils featuring 18-karat gold electroplated handles. Plus, we have serving utensils for every type of dish, from fancy soufflés to comfort foods like cornbread. Choose from sets with ornate decorative handles or sleek modern designs.

Oneida stainless steel cookware is sure to become your go-to for preparing family meals. Simmer some homemade marinara in a saucepan for dinner or fry up some tasty eggs and bacon in an Oneida stainless skillet for a late morning brunch on the weekend. Functional kitchen accessories such as an expandable colander or collapsible mixing bowl are sure to make your cooking and baking endeavors easier.

Accentuate your culinary creations by plating them on beautiful Oneida dinnerware sets. Sophisticated watercolor floral designs will look even more beautiful with a piece of homemade cheesecake sitting on top. Do you tend to cook a lot of food at once? Microwave-safe porcelain will allow you to reheat your favorite foods in style.