Kids Formal Dresses

The big day is nearly here, and your little one needs something really special to wear. At Belk, our collection of kids’ formal dresses and suits has just what you’ve been looking for. Your little girl will feel like a princess with her ruffles and lace, bows, sequins, rhinestones and velvet. Your son will be as charming as a prince in his suit, with its perfect blazer, dress shirt and slacks.

At Belk, we are mindful that your children are not miniature adults. With our festive occasion wear for kids, stretch fabrics make for maximum comfort and a terrific fit. We ensure that every seam is reinforced for extra durability and that it will not catch or scratch. Your child won’t be in tears, but we cannot say the same for you when you see your little one looking so grown up in their special occasion wear for kids. Whether you are shopping for the holidays, a family wedding, the big dance recital, a graduation or a special party, our line of kids’ special occasion dresses and suits will make the day memorable for all the right reasons.

Be sure your little fashion plate has the right shoes for the occasion, and your sweet girl has a jacket or coat to keep warm. Most of all, be sure to cherish every moment. This time slips by so fast. Soon, you will be shopping for the prom!