MICHAEL Michael Kors Plus Size Dresses

There’s nothing like putting on a new dress to make you feel pretty. When the dress is a MICHAEL Michael Kors plus size dress, you’ll enjoy that feeling any day you choose. Browse our selection for versatile styles you can dress up or down simply by changing your shoes and earrings. With trainers or casual, flat sandals, a MICHAEL Michael Kors plus size maxi dress is cool and comfortable for a hot summer day chasing after the kids or relaxing with friends. Change to strappy heels and slip on a pair of dangling earrings and you’re ready to go out to dinner.

Find a flattering fit for any occasion with MICHAEL Michael Kors plus size dresses from Belk. When you’re going to a wedding or out to dinner, a sleeveless black, white and yellow print MICHAEL Michael Kors plus size wrap dress with strappy heels is a festive choice. Add a chic blazer and black pumps and it’s perfect for the office. When fall comes, add an edgy vibe with a black leather moto jacket and ankle boots.

MICHAEL Michael Kors plus size dresses have a lot of personality. Flattering silhouettes are enhanced with attractive detailing like flounces, ruching, self-ties, wrap skirts, lacings, shoulder details, grommets and studs at the neckline, armholes and hems. Bold colors and patterns make them a welcome addition to your wardrobe.