Calvin Klein Perfume

When you’ve completed your look in the morning or for an evening out, take a moment to add a spritz of Calvin Klein perfume or cologne. Explore our collection of Calvin Klein colognes for a range of formulas for men, women or both that convey different moods and scents. You’ll enjoy the fresh, distinctive style of the entire line.

Calvin Klein perfume was among the first to introduce a scent for both men and women. Ck One inspired many copycats among its competitors, but none matched its modern, refreshing air with its gentle spice and bright notes of green tea and tropical fruit that was never too sweet. Experience this scent for yourself or consider the darker tones of Obsession, Eternity or Obsessed. These sensual Calvin Klein fragrances were blockbusters when they were first introduced, with lasting popularity.

Like Calvin Klein women’s fashion or clothes for men, the fragrance line is contemporary and engaging. For long-lasting value, consider layering your Calvin Klein fragrance by using more than one form. When you apply a scented deodorant or lotion followed by the perfume or cologne, the scent lingers longer with a single application.