Fragrance gifts and sets.

Perfume Gift Sets

Luxuriate in your favorite scent or give a fragrant gift to someone special with a perfume gift set from Belk. Discover a wealth of the finest fragrances for both men and women. Most of our perfume sets offer two or more ways to enjoy a single scent, with the perfume or cologne paired with a scented body lotion, aftershave or deodorant to make layering your favorite fragrance simple and effective. Layering your perfume builds depth and complexity to your scent, without it becoming too strong or overpowering. Mini-perfume sets provide a wonderful opportunity to explore several fragrances from the same line. This can lead you to a favorite fragrance for day and a different, related scent for evenings. Best of all, the perfumes, lotions and other items included in the attractive gift box set are offered at a significant discount compared to purchasing each bottle separately.

Our perfume gift sets include some of finest designer fragrances in Europe and America, including Giorgio Armani, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, kate spade new york®, Michael Kors and many others. Browse clean, refreshing scents, romantic florals, woodsy notes, spicy scents and rich musk.

Store perfume sets in a cool, dark, dry spot like your closet to ensure the long life of your fragrances. Rapid changes in temperature and lighting, such as you find in the bathroom, can cause your perfume or cologne to break down faster.