Bustier Bras

You found the perfect wedding gown or special occasion dress. But now you realize you don’t have the right bra to wear with it. You need a bra with great support to lift your bust, smooth your torso and keep the straps out of sight. Meet the bustier bra. It’s like a strapless bra, a pushup, and shapewear all in one.

Some women will never wear a bustier bra other than on their wedding day, while others always have one ready. A bustier gives you a beautiful line, with more support and staying power than a traditional strapless bra. The boning through the torso help to keep the cups in place, so you aren’t forever trying to pull it up. And when you want support for a dazzling dress that plunges in the front or dips low in back, a low back bustier has you covered without ever being seen.

Every woman should own a quality bustier. Either you have a fabulous plunging V-neck cocktail dress that needs one, or you’re skipping over styles you’d love to wear simply because you don’t have the right bra. And there’s an interesting feature to a bustier bra you rarely read in its description - it comes complete with better posture! Stand taller and straighter, and look and feel more confident, by shopping our collection of bustier bras today.