Puzzle & Games for Kids

Stimulate your child’s sense of wonder and sharpen their problem-solving skills with puzzles and games for kids. From solitary play puzzles that teach kids how to recognize the letters of the alphabet to family games like charades that grow with your child, we’ve got puzzle games for all ages. Some, like travel chess, may challenge your child for a lifetime. From a plush teddy bear with buttons, zippers, buckles and ties to farm animal matching, puzzles for toddlers spark a love of learning that will nurture their development.

Kids are learning machines, and a clever puzzle game can teach them nearly anything. Help your child learn all the states in America with a U.S.A. sound puzzle. Photosynthesis is a puzzle game for kids who love educational and STEM toys. It teaches all about how plants grow and the importance of sunlight. Kids who enjoy arts and crafts will delight in a stained glass mermaid puzzle. Strategy games teach abstract problem-solving and planning. Kids who enjoy building blocks and toys will have fun building 3D puzzles like the Harry Potter wand shop.

We have puzzle games that build train tracks and bridges for toy trains or cars to run on. An animal rescue shape-sorting truck is perfect when your child plays dress up as a vet or rescue worker. Basketball hoops, soccer nets and Ultra Dash are puzzle games for kids that are fun outdoor toys.