Drones for Kids

Excite your child’s sense of adventure and love of learning with drones for kids. Will he take acrobatic flight, performing 360-degree flips and barrel roles with the Mindscope Disc RC drone? Will she create her own wildlife videos as she explores the world from a bird’s-eye view with the GPX Sky Rider Eagle Pro drone? Multi-rotor toy drones are surprisingly sturdy and easy to fly with quadcopters and hexacopters, providing smooth handling with a bit of practice. If your child loves video games, he or she will also love a toy drone to fly.

Drones for kids are a great way to get children of different ages and abilities to play together. While younger kids are playing with monster trucks and trains, older kids can fly their toy drones overhead, taking news footage of the activity below. While little ones play with stuffed animals, older siblings can patrol the skies, ensuring their safety. When action heroes are in trouble, villains can attack or allies can launch a rescue by way of an RC drone.

Like our educational and STEM toys, drones for kids open up a world of learning. Kids learn about physics and aerodynamics as well as eye-hand coordination and spatial relationships. If your child enjoys remote control toys like RC cars, dancing dinos and remote control tarantulas, they’ll be thrilled to take their adventures into the skies with a toy drone.

Drones for kids are wildly fun and hard to put down.