Arts & Crafts for Kids

Nurture your child’s creativity with arts and crafts for kids. These art sets for kids open up a world of color and texture with paint sets, light screens, yarn crafts, wood burning, quilting, sculpting clay, colored pens and more. Our selection of art kits for kids includes fun options for every child’s abilities and interests. Some enjoy the freedom of a paint set and plain white paper. Others thrive with the structure of a Spirograph drawing set. Beading and jewelry-making kits improve manual dexterity, while rock polishing and crystal growing encourage scientific discovery and reward patience.

Arts and crafts for kids are educational toys that kids will enjoy incorporating with all of their play. They might paint colorful posters or flyers to advertise a concert they put on with their musical toys and instruments. If she loves playing with her dolls, she can make matching necklaces and bracelets for herself and her dolls. If he loves toy cars and trucks, he can decorate them with a new, custom paint job.

Art sets for kids encourage kids of different ages and interests to play together. Little ones will love having a big brother or sister make a quilt for their stuffed animals. Face painting and glitter tattoos are a natural for kids dressing up in costumes to play pretend.

Kids can organize and store their art sets in a toy box they decorate themselves. Spark their imaginations with arts and crafts for kids at Belk.