Michael Kors Watches

A Michael Kors watch is a functional piece of luxury and glam worn on your wrist. Yes, it tells time. But it also says a lot about you. Your watch shows that you’re dependable and that you value practicality as well as style. In the era of smartphones, to paraphrase a saying, kids check their phone for the time while adults consult their watch.

Belk showcases many styles of Michael Kors watches on sale for both men and women. Watches range from minimalist styles on a simple leather band, to playful renditions with colorful silicone for both the band and bezel to elegant confections with the sumptuous look of gold, silver and diamonds throughout. You may decide to select a couple of Michael Kors watches to accessorize your wardrobe – a classic style for work and another for those dressy occasions when your watch should fill the role of fine jewelry.

Michael Kors rose gold watches are growing in popularity, especially in women’s watch designs. The pinkish color achieves a soft, romantic look that’s particularly flattering to any skin tone. Many Michael Kors watches are hybrid smartwatches. These timepieces will connect with your phone to send and receive texts, emails, surf the net, play music and take photos — all with a classic look.