A woman wearing a white and blue striped sleeveless dress with yellow slip on shoes with a small wedge heel and carrying a round, straw handbag. She's standing on a pier with her son who's looking through binoculars and wearing a white shirt, yellow shorts and comfort sandals with straps. Lifestride, take like in stride. 24 7 comfort plus style.

LifeStride Shoes

Are you bored with limited footwear brands that stop short of the line? Perhaps you’re looking for a bit more style and comfort in your step. LifeStride is the footwear brand that can meet the challenge. From pumps to boots to wedges, LifeStride shoes give you a full selection of beautiful choices for casual and formal events.

LifeStride shoes are versatile, durable and bold. Make a statement no matter who else is in the room. For a casual confident look in professional settings, try a pair of LifeStride heels with a pair of your favorite slim leg dress pants from Kim Rogers® or New Directions®. Pair your heels with matching handbags from COACH or Brahmin. In the summer, slip on a pair of leather or sparkling metallic sandals with the perfect amount of comfort and arch support.

LifeStride is a versatile brand for showing off your best in all seasons. Create your best (and most comfortable) look from the floor up and stride into the room with confidence in a pair of LifeStride shoes.