HUE Pajamas

Have you ever noticed how the biggest, most important nights, and the most exciting mornings all start and end in the same place? With you in your pj’s. Graduation night, Christmas morning and all the special times between. HUE pajamas make sure your jammie time is fun, fashionable, and most important, comfy. They start off with soft fabrics in warm, playful patterns. HUE has developed (and mastered) a special technology to ensure your maximum comfort in their pajamas and sleepwear. HUE pajamas are made with the trademarked HUE SleepWell TempTech™ that maintains your perfect body temperature as you sleep. HUE pajamas cool you when you’re hot, and warm you when you’re not.

HUE sleepwear is made from soft cotton knit, with just enough rayon to stretch for ease of movement and comfortable cuddling. You’ll find sets, complete with pajama tops, bottoms and coordinating fuzzy socks to keep you toasty warm. Alternatively, try the separates, with Hue pajama pants in festive, whimsical prints and tops in playful styles. Be sure to wrap yourself in a luxurious robe for lounging.

As much as you might want to wear your comfy HUE pajamas out, they are just for home wear. Instead, try fashionable HUE leggings for a slim, sleek look nearly as comfortable as the brand’s jammies. For Christmas morning with the family, after a long day, or any time you want to lounge, slip into HUE pajamas from Belk for cozy comfort.