Hanky Panky®

At first glance, it might appear that Hanky Panky® is all about delivering the sexiest lingerie known to woman. With lacy girl shorts, exquisite bralettes and delicate-looking chemises designed for a honeymoon, it’s an easy conclusion to draw. But what put the brand on the must-have map is its well-proven claim that the Hanky Panky® thong is the most comfortable you’ve ever worn. The secret to its amazing comfort is a copyrighted lace pattern that has been described as “lace butter.” Pairing this extraordinary lace with a style that completely erases any trace of visible panty line, the company married a unique combination of comfort, utility and sex appeal. In addition to its beauty, lace adds functionality to intimates by smoothing the transition from support to skin, thus eliminating lines under your clothes. Hanky Panky® underwear is so comfortable, you have every reason to treat yourself to this lovely lingerie.

Hanky Panky® lingerie is designed to make a woman feel beautiful. You deserve to enjoy gorgeous intimates, whether you’re shopping for bridal lingerie or slipping a lacy women’s thong under your business suit for a day at the office. In addition to the uber-comfortable Hanky Panky® thong, pick up a few lace-trimmed women’s camisoles and bralettes for your wardrobe. Treat them strictly as lingerie or wear a lacy cami peeking out from under a women’s blazer and a pair of skinny jeans for a stylish look.