Brighton® Accessories

Whether you’re wearing a chic business suit at the office or skinny jeans and a tee on a relaxed weekend, add a touch of glamour with Brighton® accessories. Brighton® women’s sunglasses protect your eyes from glare and UVA/UVB rays and fashionable frames enhance any outfit. Accessories by Brighton® solve problems and look great doing it. An intricate, silver scrollwork key fob makes your keys easy to find, even if they fall to the bottom of your Brighton® handbag. Whether you’re looking for a statement bag to build an outfit around or one to go with everything in your closet, you’ll find it with Brighton®. Organize your purse with a Brighton® wallet and an exquisite, silverwork cardholder, compact and pillbox.

On busy days when you need to travel light, Brighton® leather accessories are the stylish solution. A chic phone organizer is a tiny leather purse just large enough for your cell phone, credit cards, cash, keys and lip gloss. Slip one over your shoulder and slide a Brighton® watch on your wrist and you’re ready to go.

Brighton® is known for premium materials and exquisite detailing on everything from designer handbags to accessories. Silver filigree gleams from hair combs, barrettes and bobby pins, holding your tresses in place. Brighton® jewelry easily dresses up or down to accessorize any outfit in your wardrobe.

For Brighton® accessories, jewelry and handbags, shop Belk.