Birkenstock Sandals & Shoes

Birkenstocks are an American classic. Comfortable and efficient, these shoes give you a rugged style that are perfect for the beach, the mountains or everyday wear. You never have to worry about durability with Birkenstock shoes, either – these are among the toughest brands you will ever wear on your feet.

Birkenstock sandals come in many styles, from utilitarian to performance chic. Invest in sandals with a graceful beach feel or check out our selection of sturdy Birkenstock clogs and boots. This is a brand that has expanded far beyond its initial purpose and into a legitimately stylish product line.

Strappy sandals pair perfectly with oversize glam sunglasses. Or try a buckled blue sandal or pair of high espresso boots. With these shoes as your base, you can easily move up into a flower skirt or a striped tee depending on your mood.

The new Birkenstocks give you all of the function without limitations on style. Mix and match to your heart’s content while keeping the spirit of the rugged brand alive.