Men’s Athletic Jackets

When you’re going for a round of golf, playing ball or for a run, a men’s athletic jacket ensures you’ll remain comfortable as the weather cools. To keep you warm at all your activities without slowing you down, you need much more than just a casual jacket — you need true athleticwear. Men’s workout jackets feature durable construction with materials that wick sweat and provide breathable protection that is lightweight yet warm, while allowing you full range of motion. Browse our collection of men’s active jackets from designers including adidas, Champion®, Nautica, Pro Tour®, Columbia, Under Armour®, Nike® and JACK NICKLAUS.

When choosing a men’s athletic jacket, consider the sports and activities you enjoy and what you need. Should it repel rainfall or simply provide a windbreak? Perhaps the warmth of fleece will better fit your needs. Discover zippers, half-zips, snaps, pullovers, hoods and high collars to ward off the chill. Pair a men’s workout jacket with an active shirt and pants with 4-way stretch for a workout or slip it on overjeans and a sweater at the end of a date.

For all your activities, a men’s active jacket is a stylish addition that keeps you warm and looking cool.