School Uniforms for Girls

When it’s back to school time, you’ll find school uniforms for girls at Belk. Browse our selection of girls’ uniform polo shirts, shorts, pants, jumpers, skirts and dresses from designers including IZOD, J. Khaki® Uniforms and Nautica. Sturdy construction and materials ensure they stand up to her busy schedule and keep her looking sharp.

Stock up on all the options for her school uniforms for girls. She’ll need different apparel depending upon the weather and her planned activities. She’ll need girls’ school uniform pants for winter and matching shorts for warmer weather. The scooter skirt, with its incorporated shorts hidden underneath, is perfect for any season. The pleated style for skirts, jumpers and dresses allow her a wide range of motion. She’ll look cute with her polo shirt and skirt. For cooler weather, add a pair of tights to keep her warm.

She’ll also need shoes and socks to complete her school uniform for girls. Consider a few accessories like headbands and barrettes in addition to her books, paper, pens and bookbag. She’ll be all set.

She’ll be dressed for success and ready for the year ahead with her school uniforms for girls from Belk.