Boys’ Clothes

When your little boy gets dressed in the morning, he’s preparing for a new day full of adventure. Be sure he has the boys’ clothes he needs to handle anything the day may bring. Whether he’s going to school, running track or building imaginary cities, every day has its challenges and learning experiences. Help him suit up with our collection of boys’ clothes. These clothes are designed to stand up to long days of rugged wear and tear, dirt, grime and a whirlwind of activities. Then, just toss them into the laundry to get them ready for another round.

Our boys’ clothes selection provides you with many options, with everything from activewear for all of his sports and weekend activities to suits and dresswear for special occasions. Discover toddler boy clothes including jeans, corduroys, chinos and joggers, shirts, shorts, jackets, coats, sweaters, hoodies and sweatshirts. He’ll love the big boy styles — and you’ll appreciate how easy it is to coordinate a wardrobe that keeps up with his growing needs. Browse our boys’ clothes sale to find the durable, stylish clothes he needs for the low prices you have come to rely on from Belk.

Whether it’s back-to-school time, following a growth spurt, or just time to fill in some holes in his wardrobe, our boys’ clothes will keep him warm and comfortable on his next adventure.