Fitness Trackers

When you need some assistance with your fitness regimen, try a fitness tracker from Belk. These watches can help you achieve specific goals, and are a must-have addition to your collection of men’s and women’s watches. Browse our selection of fitness tracker watches from the brands you trust, including Fitbit® and iTouch. These stylish accessories come in colors that go with anything. They’re a great match to your men’s or women’s athletic wear. Plus, they look right at home when you’re wearing something casual, like a men’s polo shirt and jeans. Best of all, wearing a fitness tracker is like having a personal trainer on your wrist.

Strap on a fitness tracker watch and begin tracking your steps wherever you go. Go from the gym to the juice bar in style. Try the iTouch women’s slim fitness tracker watch set. These box sets include five different interchangeable silicone straps so you can mix and match colors to fit your mood.

If you want wearable technology that works like your favorite smart watch, you’ll love the Fitbit® Versa. These watches are heart rate monitors, fitness trackers and offer Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Need a little help choosing the right workout? These fitness tracker watches have 15 built-in workouts featuring on-screen coaches. You can also use them to play your favorite music to help get you motivated. They come with a small and large wristband to fit almost any size wrist.

Wear your luxury timepiece for formal events and strap on a fitness tracker when you’re on the go!