Is there any way to make cleaning the house easy and fun? The right tools can definitely simplify the process. And what is the most important tool in your hall closet for a clean house? The vacuum cleaner. At Belk, you can choose between the best vacuum brands for all types of cleaning.

Select a Shark® handheld vacuum cleaner to easily get behind the furniture and in those hidden corners. Let the Hoover cordless vacuum handle the light jobs. When you need to do some heavy duty cleaning, go with one of the deep cleaning tools from Electrolux. Make disposal easy with a selection of stylish trash cans that also serve as a style accent to the room. Anything the vacuum can’t get, the steam mop and broom duo can clean up.

The right vacuum cleaner can make all the difference between a clean house and a dusty one. You have plenty of great choices. Pick your favorite and start cleaning.