Lamps & Lighting

The lighting in your home is a crucial element of your décor. Not only does it provide the light you need to see by, but it can set the mood of a room and even change the impression of its size. Browse our collection of lamps and lighting fixtures by brands you trust like Limelights, Biltmore®, Décor Therapy, Silverwood, Catalina Lighting and more. Whether you need task lighting like a desk lamp for your computer desk or general lighting like a floor lamp to brighten a dark corner, you’ll find a wide range of styles available. Lighting that faces up, washing the walls and ceiling, softens the ambiance of the room and makes it more inviting.

In addition to the light it produces, a lamp adds its own, decorative touch to any room. Decorative lighting like an exquisite Tiffany glass pendant lamp or a wood lantern by Home Essentials adds personality and creates a sense of intimacy. The lighting you choose also adds warmth and comfort to the room. Take placement into consideration. A table lamp with an ornate, heavy base and large shade is better suited to bedside tables or end tables in your living room than between a sofa and armchair where it might obstruct conversation.

From a whimsical, porcelain kitty cat that makes an ideal night light to an elegant crystal chandelier for a formal dining room, discover the perfect lamps and lighting fixtures at Belk.