Handbags & Fashion Accessories

Your handbag is surely your most functional and personal fashion accessory. It keeps your essentials handy and organized so you’re prepared for whatever comes your way. It keeps your valuables secure while expressing so much about your style and personality. The right handbag can elevate a pair of jeans and a tee to a stylish ensemble and adds flair to your workday wardrobe.

There are so many handbag styles, materials, colors, sizes and shapes to choose from. Narrow your selection to the type that best suits the occasion you’re shopping for. A satchel provides spacious storage and a polished, professional look perfect for the office. Stiff or boxy styles are considered more formal, while softer sided designs that slouch have a more casual appeal. Crossbody bags are perfect for a busy day on the go. Where once a crossbody was considered strictly casual, today’s designs offer a wide range of options. The classic tote is the most versatile design of all handbags, with styles for the beach or the boardroom. Many women find a leather tote a great option in place of a briefcase, or for carrying bulky items like binders or another set of shoes. A smaller handbag can be used for your more personal items, like wallet and phone. And nothing says luxe like a Brahmin, Dooney & Bourke or Michael Kors handbag, where every detail is given extra attention.

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