Makeup Palettes

When you see an intriguing article on makeup tips or you spot a look on Instagram you’d love to try, what’s stopping you? Is it because you need the colors to make it work? Pick up a makeup set from your favorite designer at Belk, and treat yourself to discovering your best look.

Our wide selection of makeup palettes makes it easy to play with new colors and techniques. You’ll find the best makeup palettes from all your favorite designers and brands, including Urban Decay, MAC, Benefit, Estée Lauder, Clinique and Belk Beauty. We have makeup sets just for your eyes, cheeks or lips or for your entire face.

Makeup palettes make a terrific gift for the chic women in your life. Why not give yourself the same gift? You could invite your besties over for the evening and make a party of exploring fresh colors and new techniques. Each person would start with her own foundation, and you could share a makeup set or three in an array of glorious shades. Maybe pick up a few extra makeup brushes for eyeshadows and blush. Each woman could bring a different article with makeup tips, and snacks to share. Make notes of the colors and steps you try so you can replicate the looks you love. Then just a few swipes with your favorite makeup remover and you’re ready to start fresh again.